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TH–900 Hydraulic Crawler drill rig

TH–900 Hydraulic Crawler drill rig can be widely used in drilling for grouting holes in projects such as cofferdam, foundation and geothermal well etc. 

TH-900 drill rig application range

◆anchor drilling, anchoring project,slope support

◆filling holes,sealing curtain

◆Casing drilling        

◆Underground water well drilling

◆Micro piling, steel rail piling

◆Tunnel shed protection

◆Observation hole

Patented technology

1. High efficiency hydraulic rotary impact power head

2. Multi-joint steering system

Technical Specifications:

The whole rangeOverall dimensionsmm:7980×2300×2860TH-900 hydraulic   crawler drilling rig, independent research and development of a superior   performance of multi-functional anchor drilling rig. The arm has a   multi-joint design, for a variety of drilling angle and excellent flexibility   for the construction of different holes. Modeled with high-power engine   [215HP] to provide the necessary power for drilling rig,high-efficiency   hydraulic piston pump, pilot control valve, excellent cooling system, high   torque hydraulic rotary impact power head to ensure
    TH-900 rig's superior performance. Power head with rotation &   percussion dual function, to ensure high construction efficiency, to meet the   construction requirements for different formation. And it has a reverse   percussion design which can pull out the bit when it was jammed.
Walking   speed2.5-3Km/h
Drilling   diameter65-225mm
Drilling   depth100m(Φ133mm double casing)
EngineEngine model6CTA8.3-C215
Ratedoutput   power160KW
Rated   outer rotating speed2200r/min
Fuel   tank capacity:340L
Hydraulic systemMain pump rated pressure34MP
1”   circuit120L/min
2”   circuit120L/min
3”   circuit30L/min
4”   circuit30L/min
Hydraulic   oil tank capacity800L
Hydraulic   drifter parametersImpact frequency900-1800per/min
Maximum   torque16000N·M
Maximum   impact energy1500N·M
Rotating   speed range22 - 45rpm
Operation rangeEquipment turning angle-14+21 degree
Arm   lifting angle:-35+55 degree
Trusspitching   angle:-102+17 degree
Truss   turning angle:-18+90 degree
Truss   elevation angle-70+33 degree
Truss   slipping distance1200mm
Feed   gearFeeding mode:Cylinder& the chain   combination
Feed   stroke:4000mm
Maximum   speed range:8T
Feed   rate50m/min
Clamping deviceClamping range65-230mm
Clamping   force125KN
Disassemble   torque force25000N·M

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