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Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Changsha Tianhe Drilling Tools and Machinery Co.,Ltd

Date: 2022-11-22
20th anniversary.jpg
20th anniversary.jpg

    In the autumn of 2002, several young people from Changsha Mining Research Institute established "Changsha Tianhe Drilling Machinery Co.,Ltd." adhering to the spirit of "being honest, doing things with heart, devoting oneself to development, and being brave to take responsibility"The name "Tianhe" means the right time, the right place, and the harmony of people.

    Over time, Tianhe Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. has gone through 20 springs and autumns, from a small workshop established by 13 founders in the early stage of entrepreneurship, to a hightech enterprise with about 300 employees. The output value reached 200 million yuan. In 2021, it was awarded the Hunan Specialized Special New Small Giant Enterprise. In 2022, it was awarded the National Key Small Giant Enterprise. It has become a large-scale enterprise that has paid more than 10 million yuan in taxes for 5 consecutive years.

   After going through hardships, the key point of the magnificent transformation lies in the word "change", which stands out from the drilling tool industry and becomes the industry leader.

"Change" - change the management model, strengthen the responsibility of functional departments, and reduce management costs.

"Change" - change the old equipment that is inefficient and not environmentally friendly, and upgrade it to high-efficiency, high-precision special intelligent manufacturing equipment.

"Change" - change the backward technology, improve the processing efficiency, improve the design, and improve the product performance.

"Change" - change the production process, unify programming, implement standardized production, and stabilize product quality.

"Change" - change the production environment, standardize safe production, increase investment in environmental protection, the appearance of the factory has a new look, and employees have a comfortable working environment.

"Change" means destroying the old and establishing the new, keeping up with the tide of reform and innovation of the times, and opportunity is the magic weapon for the first old business.  Lu Ren in the future


    There is a long way to go, especially the sluggish economic situation and the raging epidemic in the past three years. We are trying to survive and develop in the midst of changes.

    After going through the colorful spring, we will finally usher in the prosperity of summer and the harvest of autumn. We will not forget our original intention, keep our mission in mind, assume the responsibility and responsibility of entrepreneurs, and work with colleagues to provide customers with better products.  and perfect service.  

    As Chairman Xi said, "The people's yearning for a better life is our goal."

I hope that we, Tianheren, will regard work as our own career, work hard on the ground, and work together to create a better life!

                                                                                    ------------From President Mr Shi

20th anniversary.jpg


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